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Fusepool SME

Data is an integral element of the business value chain. But barriers impede leveraging the full potential across existing data silos. Fusepool SME integrates patents, publications and other data* to support product development and research.

PatentExplorer: What is patented in my product area?
What our users say:
  • "patent tips for close-to-market opportunities"
  • "help targeting the right technology (patents)"
  • "patent mining and linking with other data sources (e.g. open data sources)"
  • "scope ideas into minimal prototype that is not infringing on already granted rights"
  • "search through, filter, categorize and assess validity and claims"
  • "patent analysis is not easy and there are not many tools that could help us"

JournalExplorer: What prior art exists in my product area?
What our users say:
  • "find information related to specific technology"
  • "assessing IP position at several stages of drug discovery and development"
  • "integration of Fusepool applications into its PaaS business processes"

FundingMatch: Where to get funding for research?*
What our users say:
  • "support our high-tech firms developing their products further"
  • "help client to build a project consortium"
  • "we do not target our audience (major problem) … ‘fishing’ is a waste of time"

PartnerMatch: How to find the right business partners?*
What our users say:
  • "find possible partners with complementary technologies and skills"
  • "finding suitable partners"
  • "identify different possible partners: collaborators on R&D and commercial projects, regional distributors/resellers"

* requires special access


Advanced functions that go beyond features such as autocomplete search and faceted browsing include:

  • Use-case specific autocomplete search and faceted browsing
  • Graph browsing to explore related and new information
  • Classifiers make search results more relevant for the user
  • Landscape view for visual analysis of large result sets
  • Reweighing data sources based on user feedback
  • Predicted labels and user-customized labels
  • Adaptive user interfaces for context and role

Basic scenarios

Basic application scenarios have in common that they find information that is best suited to address a specific user need:
  • Searching content via powerful Lucene keyword search and retrieve both structured and unstructured results
  • Limiting or extending results by selecting desired facets or extend by selecting related information from the linked data graph
  • Feedback and annotations are added to the data and can be shared among multiple users

Fusepool data pool

Millions of journal articles and patents are freely available, with the majority in English, German and French and related to the medical domain. All have the base properties with patents having the classification code (CPC) as subject and applicants or assignees defined as rights holders. Fusepool integrates the following types of text data: patents, journal articles, funding descriptions*, and descriptions of people and organizations (profiles)*.
* requires special access


17 Nov 2014, Budapest
Fusepool @ Apachecon Europe
ApacheCon brings together the open source community and projects driving the future of open source, big data and cloud computing.
 > Linked Data track

25 Jun 2014, Brussels
Fusepool Showcase Event
The Fusepool Showcase Event presents the Fusepool platform and its user interface for SMEs with apps from developers who were selected at Data|Hack|Award 2014.
 > Fusepool channel > Agenda

11 Apr - 18 May 2014, Berlin
Fusepool Data|Hack|Award
1st round: Apply for the Bootcamp!
2nd round: develop your ideas into prototypes and get one of 10 awards!
 > Data:Hack Award