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Public events organized by Fusepool or where it was invited to present which include workshops, conferences, hack-a-thons, and seminars.

17 Nov 2014, Budapest
Fusepool @ Apachecon Europe
ApacheCon brings together the open source community and projects driving the future of open source, big data and cloud computing.
 > Linked Data track

25 Jun 2014, Brussels
Fusepool Showcase Event
The Fusepool Showcase Event presents the Fusepool platform and its user interface for SMEs with apps from developers who were selected at Data|Hack|Award 2014.
 > Livestream > Agenda

11 Apr - 18 May 2014, Berlin
Fusepool Data|Hack|Award
1st round: Apply for the Bootcamp!
2nd round: develop your ideas into prototypes and get one of 10 awards!
 > Data|Hack|Award

14 Nov 2013, Grenoble
Fusepool 3rd User Workshop

Fusepool workshop with end users gathering user ideas and specific application scenarios.
 > Fusepool 3rd User Workshop
21 Oct 2013, Sydney
ISWC 2013 - International Semantic Web Conference

ISWC 2013 is the premier international forum for the Semantic Web / Linked Data Community.
 > ISWC 2013 > Paper
23 Sep 2013, Prague
ECML 2013
- Eur. Conf. on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases
Premier European machine learning and data mining conference.
 > ECML 2013 > Paper
16 Jul 2013, Brussels
Fusepool 2nd User Workshop

Fusepool workshop with end users presenting the first prototype and gathering feedback for improvements.
 > Fusepool 2nd User Workshop
17 Jun 2013, Quebec
dg.o 2013
- International Conference on Digital Government Research
From E-government to Smart Government. Fusepool R5 linked data framework: concepts, methodologies, and tools for linked data.
 > dg.o 2013 > Paper
15 Apr 2013, Nice
2013 - International Information Conference on Search, Data Mining and Visualization
International Information Conference on Search, Data Mining and Visualization (II-SDV). Large scale Application of Text Mining and Visualization in Fusepool.
 > II-SDV 2013 > Paper
9 Apr 2013, Dublin
EDF 2013 - European Data Forum
Meet data practitioners, discuss the opportunities and challenges of the emerging Big Data Economy in Europe. Fusepool concertation and engagement.
 > EDF 2013
7 Feb - 15 Apr 2013, Zurich, Geneva, San Francisco
UDC 2013 - Urban Data Challenge
 The Urban Data Challenge seeks to harness the innovative and creative power of communities around the world to tackle urban challenges through data visualization.
 > UDC 2013 > Award
7 Jan 2013, Wailea
HICSS 2013 - 46th Hawaii Intl. Conf. on System Sciences

E-Government Track - Minitrack on Social Media and Social Networking. Fusepool topic on Social Media Monitoring and Analysis.
 > HICCS 2013 > Paper
16 Sep 2013, Brussels
Fusepool 1st User Workshop

Fusepool introductory workshop with potential end users.
 > Fusepool 1st User Workshop

9 Aug 2013, Seattle
AMCIS 2012 - 18th Americas Conf. on Information Systems

Special Track on HCI Studies in Information Systems (SIGHCI). Fusepool topic on System Learning of User Interactions.
 > AMCIS 2013 > Paper
4-5 Jul 2012, Brussels
Fusepool SME Kick-off

Fusepool SME Kick-off Workshop.
 > More
15 Apr 2013, Nice
EDF 2012 - European Data Forum
Challenges of Big Data and the emerging Data Economy. Fusepool presentation on Linked Data challenges and tools for product research and development (technology intelligence).
 > EDF 2012 > Presentation
5 Jun 2012, Maryland
dg.o 2012 - International Conference on Digital Government Research

Bridging Research and Practice. Fusepool paper on Finding and Matching Research Funding Opportunities.
 > dg.o 2013 > Paper


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