D1.1 - System requirements, methodology, user co-creation
The report describes the engagement of Fusepool users, how requirements were derived from user feedback, the main use cases and data sets as well as the overall Living Lab and user co-creation approach. Click the link below for more information.
 > D1.1 Report

D2.1 - Architecture specified, platform, components running
The report specifies the software architecture, standards and components, cloud platform and component implementation, as well as data access and gathering with basic data curation. The platform bundle provides the required libraries and components for an off-the-shelf working version of the Fusepool project. The Enhanced Content Store (ECS) manages the content graphs and provides convenient entry points (REST and service) for data-driven applications. Its interface enables structured data access (via SPARQL) as well as non-structured keyword search. Click the links below for more information.
 > D2.1 Report > Platform bundle > ECS

D2.2 - Privacy preserving data gathering and curation
The report outlines the privacy preserving data gathering and analysis of user online feedback, the service terms, security, profile management, consent, and opt-out approach. With security enabled, the user management component enables permissions (JAAS based) for authenticated users. The component  provides a management interface implementing a basic CRUD for users and permissions. Click the links below for more information.
 > D2.2 Report > User management

D3.1 - Text extraction, NER, and interlinking
The report describes text feature extraction with the vector space model, named entity recognition, disambiguation and co-reference resolution, as well as information enrichment and interlinking. The data life cycle component implements the processing chain for data imports for RDF-mapping, interlinking, and smushing into the content graph. Click the links below for more information. DLC marec transforms patents in marec XML format to RDF. The dictionary-matching component implements a string matching algorithm (SMA) that outputs RDF triples from extracted entities. SILK linking wraps the SILK Link Discovery Framework for data interlinking as service into Fusepool. Click the links below for more information.
 > D3.1 Report > DLC > DLC marec > SMA > SILK linking

D4.1 - Basic adaptive search API
The report specifies the machine learning framework, user-adaptive finding and matching of content, search adaptation, customization, and refinement. Click the link below for more information.
 > D4.1 Report

D5.1 - Intelligent dashboard implementation
The report defines the visualization concept and dashboard framework, first-swim desktop and mobile user interfaces, and upcoming features. Firstswim contains the basic set of the Fusepool graphical user interface to deliver the JavaScript GUI client to the user. Click the links below for more information.
 > D5.1 Report > Firstswim